Is your child going through a difficult time? Are they unhappy, angry, or uncommunicative? Are you concerned about their behavior, self-esteem, or school performance?
The developmental changes that occur from childhood throughout adolescence can be difficult ones and while you know when something is affecting your child you may not know exactly how to help. I provide treatment for children/teens coping
with anger, anxiety, and depression or adjusting to transitions, divorce, and other types of trauma/loss.
My additional expertise is in neuropsychological assessments of ADHD and learning disabilities. The less comprehensive reports provided by school psychologists often do not target the true problem and can result in inappropriate placements and interventions. Neuropsychological evaluations evaluate  memory, attention, language, perceptual and academic skills. They offer a complete picture of your child's needs and are used to:
-Identify Learning Disabilities and appropriate interventions
-Clarify ADHD/Spectrum Disorder/Dyslexia/Neurological
Disorder Diagnoses
-Classify/Declassify a child for special education services
-Qualify for 504 accommodations in school or college
-Target emotional issues to be addressed in psychotherapy
-Assess if there is a true need for medication
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I look forward to helping your child reach his or her full potential.
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