While life holds many joys it also presents challenges that can be difficult to negotiate at times. Your decision to explore psychotherapy reflects your desire to improve and enjoy your life and I am committed to working with you in this endeavor. As an accessible, interactive, and involved therapist, I offer a caringand confidential approach designed to help you resolve emotional conflicts, master coping strategies that work in the real world, and enjoy your life again.
I also provide neuropsychological, psychological, ADHD and learning disability evaluations to assess difficulties due to birth trauma, head injury, neurologic/metabolic conditions and emotional issues. These reports may be requested by individuals, attorneys seeking information about client needs, or physicians monitoring patient progress. They are required in order to obtain:
- Extended Time for testing in college/graduate school
- Job-Related Accommodations for various disabilities
- Social Security and other Disability Services
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Adult Services

Nadine Gardner  Psy.D.
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